All Will Learn To Read, Write, & Play the Piano in the First 3 Lessons.

Why Parents Should Use me?

Listening to music is easy, but learning to make music at an instrument is difficult. You need the best piano mentor & an education system on your side for learning. 

While learning to play an instrument has enjoyed a great reputation ( discipline, high form of art, higher IQ, creativity, fun), in reality, for most children, the process itself destroys other elements of learning and creates bad feelings in the students (lost interest & curiosity, little progress, feelings of inadequacy at the instrument, bordom, repetitive practice, no joy in studying it).

Learning piano or any instrument is not easy. It requires a lot from a child, his mind, focus, analysis, problem solving skills, stamina, his coordination of his eyes-brain-fingers which is at a continuous cycle repeating at one-third of a second. 

More, a child's high self-image, confidence, morale, boldness, and positive internal experience with the process of piano learning are also important as they discover the spirit of the piano playing. This internal experience of self- exploration is often neglected by the music educators.

If you agree with me that all these elements are the crucial ingredients for a young mind,  especially in the early stage of learning the piano, then I should be the right teacher for you.

I can also bring much faster progress (First year student can learn fifth year's work). I often use the tremendous progress to demonstrate to a humble child how competent he really is and thereby boost his self-image, which is usually evaluated too low by himself or people around him. Most of my students' learning rate is at a "gifted" level.

Constant robotic repetition on the piano can cost a child's creative mind. My education program can maintain your child's innate curiosity & untouched imagination.

If you agree with me that regular, "happy" practice at home is crucial to your child's progress, then part of my job is to guide the parent's role at home.

My teaching style is more than play-based. I am a thoughtful, curious, persistent person. I can bring the student and their parents to places musically that they did not think existed for the child. When all educators forfeit the idea that an average 3 year old can learn piano, I explored the possibility relentlessly. Or when most teachers think piano learning can only be advanced by students in the 1% with talent, I discovered a different truth.

And after 15 years, I can speak with confidence that learning at NancyPiano can make all the difference for a child's learning experience, confidence, enjoyment, and maturity.

I also use the methods and material many college professors use in their classrooms for my students. I have high expectation from my students and they always succeed. Nancypiano is the only program in NYC that offers an overall comprehensive learning experience, attending to students' internal or external needs.

I apply NancyPiano teaching methods at full capacity as it is my private practice. According to the teaching/staffing culture of each institution, I use portion of NancyPiano in other schools & at Kids in Music.