"Nancy gets double, triple, quadruple use from every skill my child has. That’s why Renee’s learning is so much faster than when she was with the previous teacher.”                    
                                                                                                   - Anne H. Mother of Renee, age 4

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NancyPiano Registration Form - (September 2017)                                                                                       

*Any unused tuition is fully refundable at any time within a week.

*We have zero-make-up policy.
*Only if admitted in August and January, the student is guaranteed a lesson spot for the following semester.
*If the student registered late and missed the beginning of semester, the teacher will give extra time each week for those material.
*In the case where a full curriculum of work couldn’t be absorbed by the student, usually due to age, the student is encouraged to register for the following semester unless otherwise instructed.

___$ 3,600

Please fill out these two pages.

Check is payable to “Kids In Music”

Parent and Student Information
Name of Student (please print or type):  _______________________________________

Parents' Names:_________________________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number:  ______________________________________                                              

Office Phone Number:  ______________________________________
Cell Phone Number:  _______________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________

Lesson Selection~

Please circle your preferred lesson day + time:

Circle the preferable time of the day for the lesson (PM): (Allow 5-15 min adjustment)
10am-10:40am/ 10:45am-11:25am/ 12pm-12:40/ 12:45-1:25/

1:30- 2:25/ 2:30-3:10/ 3:15-3:55/4:00-4:40 / 4:40-5:20 / 5:20-6:00/ 6:00-6:40/ 6:45-7:25

Alternative day and time: _________________________________________             Instrument: Piano

“At NancyPiano, students learn more than just how to play the instrument. They learn to tap into their most inner- self to explore who they are and what they like.  They learn to voice their ideas, both creative and intellectual, and receive critiques.
They will also learn to welcome challenges with positive attitudes, and celebrate every little success.
Most importantly, they will achieve all these with a lot of smiles in every lesson.
-Nancy Liu 

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Important Information Upon Your Admission~ 

The tuition is all-inclusive. Where applicable, the teacher will include confidence-building classes, public-performance and focus training, finger strengthening, lesson material, parties, rehearsal, recitals & concerts, tutorial classes, field trips, student recitals, awards, and etc. Any unused tuition is fully refundable at any time. My studio does not have a make-up policy. If you missed the beginning of the semester, I will give you extra time where schedule allows. Fall semester holidays are Thanksgiving week: Wednesday through Sunday Christmas and New Years week. Spring semester holidays are: last two full weeks of March and the National holidays.

You are entering a truly amazing learning program which is based on thousands of experimental classes. I have studied the work of the best private and public schools and they are no comparison to the work we do here. This is the most cutting-edge education: the children should experience both easy and advanced learning at the same time.

For 23 years, I have built all my current teaching methods based on previous lessons’ contents; I might need access to some of the students’ lesson material in the future. Please keep them!
Notes to Parents, please make sure your child arrives at their lessons a few minutes early, with their books and music sheets. Adults please drop off and pick up your child to allow for a controlled learning environment. Less controlled environment decreases the effect of the curriculum installed for the student. Please read An Ideal Classroom.
An Ideal Classroom~
Students here learn exponentially more than anywhere else and in a happy and far-reaching way. Each minute in the 40-minute lessons is deliberate towards the student’s learning. A sticker break or a conversation is planned as part of the lesson. The best classroom environment is a free, flowing, non-judgmental, however, controlled one. The absence of familiar adults can best facilitate learning that taps into the deepest part of one’s humanity. Most families drop off the students and pick them up after the lessons. If adults decide to stay, please do not discipline your children while the lessons are in session. In each meeting, regardless of the students’ past experiences, I try to bring them to a very specific mental space for maximum learning and would prefer not to disturb the process even if students misbehave momentarily.

                        Thank you and we look forward to another great music season.
                        Student name:_______________________________________________
                        Parent name (print)___________________________________________
                        Parental signature____________________________________________

Your Tuition Invoice. Please print and fill out.

First Lesson

First meeting is free. It will include an evaluation of the child's readiness for learning with me.

Please Observe

Un-used tuition is refundable at anytime throughout the year. We have zero-make up policy. Lessons are recorded by written words, audio, and/or video. Books are included in the tuition. However, we serve the right to retrieve and keep them for educational purposes.

Semester: Sept. 25, 2017 ~ Feb 2 2018

$3600 Checks only

Credit Card Payment Link: $3665

Year: Sept 2017~ June 2018
$6,700 Checks only

Un-used tuition refundable at anytime.

All Will Learn To Read, Write, & Play the Piano in the First 3 Lessons.

First Lesson

First meeting is free. It will include an evaluation of the child's readiness for learning with me.

Dec. 1  2015 ~ Jan. 31  2016


Semester: Feb 1 2015 ~ June 30 2016


Year: Sept 2016 ~ June 2017


Un-used tuition refundable at anytime.