All Will Learn To Read, Write, & Play the Piano in the First 3 Lessons.

While all children will learn differently, parents can expect their children to gain much more understanding of music and advance faster at learning the piano.

I want to say the progress can be as much as 20 times more, but on the conservative side, let's say at the average of 4 times more.

The Accelerated Piano curriculum is designed for all children of various level of talents and all ages (except age 1 and 2). So far, at my piano clinic studio, all my children have been able to accomplish this level of repertoire by the age of 6 and half if they started piano with me before they turn 4 and half. The picture to the right is a list of songs a 6 and half year old boy has accomplished. We left out songs like Yankee Doodle Went To Town, and Guitar Boy is really the original Mozart Sonata in C. Other than the name, the music remained the same as Mozart wrote it.