All Will Learn To Read, Write, & Play the Piano in the First 3 Lessons.

For me as a professional teacher,  my students' Happiness, and Inspiration to want to be better are most important to me.

I am extremely protective of their imagination, and creativity. Most children come with them, so my job is to not only help them to maintain them (because as they grow older, they start to lose them), but to extend them, and to help them to put these traits to good use.

I find it very rewarding when the students gain more confidence about who they are and what they can do at the piano. Their young minds know there is something really special about their ability to play piano with both hands in the first few months! And they are some fancy songs too! In all cases, the newly gained confidence is later transferred to academic and social success.

My job is really to assist students to get to know who they are in the endeavor of learning music.

My students demonstrate great progress even with minimum practice (0 minutes - 30 min each week). Their progress is not my focus for them however. It's a natural by-product of their happiness, creativity, self-liking and confidence.

That's why I spend quite a bit of effort of developing the fundamental learning qualities in my piano students.