All Will Learn To Read, Write, & Play the Piano in the First 3 Lessons.

What is AP piano education? 

AP piano education implies fast progress and better learning. While that stands true in my practice, it is only a natural by-product of the quality experience in which your a child grows intellectually, emotionally, socially, and musically with me.


I love to watch my students mature in piano, but am wary of them doing it at the sacrifice of their creativity and curiosity. These are the primary engines for learning! Because of this, I am extremely protective of them and use every lesson to strengthen these two valuable traits. Each lesson not only expands your children’s curiosity and elevate their creativity, but it also carries out their imagination. I would never want to teach piano any other way! Because, by my observation, teaching in other ways shorten the lives of students’ piano learning.


I have been studying the subject “learning” for 17 years, especially in regards to learning complex skill or knowledge. It’s become today’s AP curriculum in Manhattan and the only Accelerated Piano program for the average children who love music.


In the past, the AP curriculum helped my students with average talents to progress by at least 6 X more than in other piano programs . In my experience, most of the times, I could cover 1 year’s work of most kids’ learning in about 3 forty-minute lessons.