All Will Learn To Read, Write, & Play the Piano in the First 3 Lessons.

I am a professional piano teacher and NancyPiano is the only Accelerated Piano Curriculum for the average students in the tri-state area. I don't just teach music; I am a true worker of children at the piano. For 17 years, I focus on enhancing the learning behavior of children ages 3  to 15. 

In my career, I have sharpened the ability to detect children's mental movement and understand how they come to learning new skills in manners unique to them.

Some of the children's learning behavior is good while some others needs improvement. Where it's good, I help students extend it, and where it's bad, I intercept at the various stages of the minute steps that lead to a bad learning behavior.

The AP curriculum's results are more than becoming a good piano player. Usually children end up understanding themselves better and become better young adults. This is very rewarding for me and the reason I continue to do what I do for almost 2 decades.